The Hart Of Our Club 1908 Official Statement!

The last 24-48 Hours has been another episode in the history of the Football Club that none of us wanted to accept or face its harsh reality.

We at HOOC1908 want to reflect solely on the positives of Dave Challinor’s tenure as Manager of Hartlepool United FC.

As fans, let’s continue to focus on the things we can influence and not on the understandable hurt and pain we are felling right now, instead of those we can’t change.

It goes without saying the togetherness and TEAM spirit the man instilled in the townsfolk and supporters had you thinking you were actually playing for the club!….

This togetherness must continue! be thankful we are back in the Football League where we belong! Could you ever really see anyone else getting us back other than him.

Although his departure is one of disbelief, disappointment and pain his end decision & judgement would not have been made overnight.

For all the positives and current status of the Football Club he leaves behind following his departure, we at HOOC1908 would like to go on record and sincerely thank Dave & his Family for all his efforts and endeavours whilst in post.

Today is a new beginning. We have fought off bigger than this as fans in the past and will continue to do so in the future.

As always let’s get behind the TEAM our TEAM! and leave the off-field issues to those responsible.

Let’s get firmly behind Club Legend Antony Sweeney immediately and continue to be that 12th Man! Starting at tonight’s game!


HOOC1908 Committee.