Fans Q and A

  1. Why are there two separate groups (HUST and HOOC1908) both raising funds?

  • We are not in competition with HUST, HOOC1908 is a different, complimentary approach to ensure the future of the club and to achieve our ambitions.
  • HUST has its main purpose to raise funds as a “fighting fund” in case the club experiences an emergency where its future is threatened. A goal of HUST is to gain equity and a place on the board of HUFC in exchange for investment of HUST funds.
  • HOOC1908 has been formed to support the club through these difficult times by donating funds on a continuous on-going basis. The initial aim for these funds would be for its members to identify areas that would improve the matchday experience for the fans and improve further HUFC’s standing within the community. These could include improving the ticketing systems and undertaking various infra structure projects to aid supporters. It is felt that initially there is no problem running HOOC1908 alongside HUST but hopefully in the longer term all supporters’ groups will fall under the same umbrella.
  1. What is the structure of HOOC1908?

  • Due to the current unstable conditions in the world and voices of concern raised by supporters, a group of fans felt it was time to try and help the club on a continuous basis by raising funds and working with the club to identify how best to use these funds. Other Clubs who have undertaken various projects such as this have been studied and consulted with. Obviously, this is still at an early and exploratory stage and HOOC1908 will be open to people putting themselves forward to assist to get this up and running as many skill sets will be needed. HOOC1908 are also contacting various fans who have been successful in their business lives not only to endorse what is trying to be done but also to help with setting this up to ensure all legal requirements are adhered to. As HOOC1908 develops then there will be the chance for people to be voted onto the committee and be involved. As with many things the management structure will evolve in time as different parts of the project are brought on-board.
  1. How much am I expected to contribute? How and when do I donate money?

  • To start the project, we have decided to ask for monthly donations from fans. We are not stating any specific amount and are happy for fans to donate whatever they feel they can afford considering their own individual circumstances. The minimum donation will be £10 per month per person. This can be set up as a direct debit or by making individual payments each month.
  • HOOC1908 will also organise various fund-raising events to bolster the fund as we need to fulfil our goal of helping the club to improve during these times.
  1. What will happen with my donations?

  • In the early stages of HOOC1908 the goal is to build the funds by increasing the numbers of people donating. During this period members will be asked to put forward any ideas which they feel will enhance the matchday experience or improve HUFC’s standing in the community. We feel that to make HOOC1908 a success we must gain some “quick wins” to show the wider fan base that this project can deliver its intentions. Funds will be used to deliver these “quick wins” as well as hopefully being able to use any members skill sets to control the costs. All projects will be discussed fully with members and all costs shown in a transparent way.
  • As HOOC1908 grows then it will be agreed by its membership in which direction to proceed in relation to its funds with much depending on the position of HUFC at that time. Subject to the success of the group, potential equity could be explored.
  1. What do I get for my donation?

  • By being a member of HOOC1908 a donator will get a voice into what happens within the club on matters concerning the matchday experience and how the club works within the local community. We envisage that by supporting the club on a regular basis HOOC1908 will gain the trust of HUFC to engage in all issues going forward.
  • Members will also become part of a rewards scheme. HOOC1908 in conjunction with the club will put together a list of rewards which the members can claim when they reach a certain level of financial donation. Members will receive one reward point for every pound donated. HOOC1908 can provide members with regular updates as and when requested.
  • HOOC1908 will also be open to listening to any other ideas which members put forward in relation to reward schemes, as these rewards are likely to change over time after consultation with its members and the football club.
  1. Can I be a member of / contributor to both HUST and HOOC1908?

  • As HOOC1908 is a new venture and will take time to gauge interest and build funds it will run in parallel with HUST and any other groups that exist. Therefore, fans can be members of as many groups as they feel necessary. The ideal scenario in the long term though would be to have all groups under the same banner with different areas within the group to deal with specific projects and challenges. HOOC1908 believe that one voice will be stronger and more beneficial than many voices.
  1. What voice does HOOC1908 have with Hartlepool United FC?

  • By donating to the club on a continuous basis HOOC1908 will have regular dialogue with the club to agree ways of improving the matchday experience. By having this regular dialogue, it is hoped that HOOC1908 can also feedback the thoughts and feelings of fans to the club so creating a more transparent environment and prevent miscommunications on social media forums.
  1. What happens to my donations if there is an ownership change or the club goes into liquidation and then out of business?

  • If the club has a change of ownership, then HOOC1908 will look to speak with potential/new owners at the earliest possible time. These discussions will hopefully determine what the new owners’ feelings are towards HOOC1908 and the level of support it provides. Members will then be consulted, and an agreement established on how HOOC1908 will move forward with the new owners.
  • If in the worst-case scenario, the club goes out of business then the remaining funds being held by HOOC1908 will be divided between its members based on percentage donations. As with all topics the members will be consulted as to how they feel this should be done.