HOOC1908 Supporters Group – Launch Statement

Exactly 1 year Ago, Raj Singh our Chairman, assembled all the different Hartlepool Supporters’ groups together. The purpose of the gathering was to establish if the fans had the appetite to raise money as a collective group and help support the future of the Club?

The reasoning behind the meeting was that the Club was anticipating a predicted shortfall in funds over the next twelve months and possibly beyond. The COVID Pandemic was just emerging and any possible help to ensure the longevity of our club was imperative.

As you would expect, due to the passion of our supporters, many ideas in raising money followed, including individual personal campaigns. Subsequently, following lots of socially distanced meetings and virtual calls between fans and club, we are now both very excited to communicate the launch of ‘The Hart Of Our Club 1908’ (THOOC1908)

HOOC1908 is a Community Interest non-profit making Company, formed to work alongside the club on projects and initiatives that will benefit not only the Football Club, but will also hopefully help make a difference to the fan matchday experience and also the wider Hartlepool community.

HOOC1908 will be funded by supporters by means of, Monthly personal pledges, donations and any other fund-raising initiatives. We will also be reaching out for support (& collaboration) with local business companies and partners.

In return for donations, a ‘Recognition & Reward’ scheme will also be created which will be based upon a loyalty points system and again centered around the fan experience and club participation.

There are already numerous initial ideas already under discussion with the club including Establishing a Memorial Garden, Club related Murals around the ground, Improvement to the disabled facilities etc.

These are Projects that have no direct effect on the Football Team, but we feel would enhance the community and supporter involvement.

Another key focus area for the group will be also to grow kids under 16 and Ladies fan base by working closely with both the local junior football clubs and schools which are well established in the town.

We believe the times of asking “What is the club doing for the fans and community?” is changing, particularly in these unprecedented times and becoming more a case of “What can the fans do to help the club and community?”

Over the last 2 years we have witnessed a significant improvement in fan involvement and the matchday experience, and the vociferous support and togetherness to the team both home and away has made a significant difference.

Long may that continue.

The Hart Of Our Club 1908 has been formed due to an initiative of the Club and the fans.

The goal is to work closely and collaboratively with all other networks.

Ultimately, we all have the same goal of doing what we can when we can in support of our club, and never has there been a better time to help make a positive difference.

Finally, many thanks to Raj and the club for giving us the opportunity to establish this group and ultimately support Dave and the Team in getting our proud club back in the football league where we belong.

Please visit the website at www.thehartofourclub1908.co.uk

Please also email any questions or queries to pledge@thehartofourclub1908.co.uk

The Hart Of Our Club 1908

John Pearson – Director

Marty Hewitt – Director

Mike Tumilty – Director