By contributing to the financial well-being of the club through pledging to ‘The Hart Of Our Club 1908’ fundraising initiative, Hartlepool United Fans everywhere are striving to ensure they achieve the best reward possible, one of which is to have a Hartlepool United team turning out every week, playing for the Fans, the Shirt, the Club and the Town and also being part of a legacy that can be passed on to future generations.

Nothing beats that.

However, as a further reward for the support given, the Club has in conjunction with ‘The Hart Of Our Club 1908’ agreed a rewards scheme based on individual pledgers’ financial input. By using a ‘points for pounds’ calculation, pledgers are eligible for the rewards below.

The value of the pledge is completely down to individual preference and circumstances and can be stopped and re-instated at any time as personal circumstances dictate.

A minimum monthly pledge has been set at £10 to cater for administration costs.

Upon pledging, new members will be asked for their input and ideas for future rewards. The success of the scheme will likely determine the quality of the rewards offered.

When you become eligible for a reward, you will automatically receive an email which will give you the relevant information.

Upon joining and signing up to your first pledge, members will be provided with a ‘The Hart of Our Club 1908’ Pin Badge.

Upon achieving 120 points, members will qualify as a life member, which also entitles the member to a vote/voice even if they need to stop donating for any reason. Voting rights among other things could be in the form of any major decision the membership need to make, a Man of The Match, a vote and input on the annual remembrance shirt design.

Upon achieving 300 points (This level is based upon our 3-0 win at the Reynolds Arena versus Darlington), members will receive a club shop gift card to the value of £50, to be used in the club shop or online for all merchandise, valid for 12 months from receipt of the award.

Upon achieving 543 points (This level is based upon Ritchie Humphreys record number of appearances), members will be allocated a square of the pitch, members will be asked to select a random number and that allocated square of the pitch will become their souvenir square for the following season, members will be issued with a club certificate and photograph on the pitch on their allocated square, presented by their current chosen player. If the pitch is to be dug up and re-turfed at the end of any given season that square of the grass will be offered as a keepsake.

Upon achieving 750 points, members with a guest will be eligible for a Training ground experience, where they will enjoy a full days training session, observe match day preparation, and meet the entire squad. This reward will obviously need to be managed and planned in accordance with the teams’ fixture list.


Remember the whole idea of The HOOC1908 is to provide support to the club through this difficult period and beyond, and also help provide a more stable future, these rewards are a simple way of saying thank you.

This is Our Town, Our Club, Our Chance, Our Time.