Hartlepool has had a football club since 1908, it is a central part of the Town. Our ambition is to ensure we continue to have a vibrant club, playing a central role in not only football but sport across the Town, encouraging our young people to get active and love the game.

Previously, it has always been a case of “what can the club do for us”, now it is our turn to see what the fans can do for the club.

The Vision:

To have Hartlepool United Fans centrally involved in off the field aspects of our club.

To continue to support our club and help it to operate with integrity and transparency which encourages entertaining football and that gives us a youth team structure to be proud of. Then hopefully one day we can genuinely say he’s one of our own, and we helped him.

To build a strong relationship between the club and its supporters via regular structured dialogue and act as a voice for the fans, regardless of age, race, gender, or sexuality.

To strive to ensure that the future of Hartlepool United remains secure and is an integral part of the town and the community for all time.

Our Aims:

The initial priority of The Hart Of Our Club 1908 is to work in partnership with the clubs owners, to ensure that the club can begin to build a stronger platform that encourages fan involvement which in turn helps it proceed effectively, supported by financial contributions from The Hart Of Our Club 1908 members and pledgers.

The goal of The HOOC1908 is to have all fund raising monies and donations channelled towards supporting the future stability and prosperity of the club and enhancing its importance within the community.

To promote the success, financial security and operational stability of the Club, and for that purpose to provide funding for infrastructure projects to generate additional income or increase operational efficiency, and generally to provide assistance to the Club and support its activities;

To strengthen the bonds between the Club and its supporters and the communities it serves, and ultimately to be a vehicle through which the fans have a representation and democratic voice in the Club’s affairs.